Tuesday, 29 July 2014

              Just call on me, He said              
Be not afraid my child
For I will be here
Just call and I will
Answer thee,
Seek and you shall

 Yet still we doubt Him
Time after time
Is there a reason
As to why
We are dishonest
In our doings?
We walk around

Deceptively telling
Yet still HE forgives us
Every time
He's not afraid to 
Call us Child

Why do we do these things
Boldly in His eyes?

We have no shame
We live sinful lives
Hoping that He 
Would just turn 
A blind eye
But He sees
He looks above
From the sky
Of our sinful lives

He's calling each
And everyone of us
To step away from
And into the light

Be ye not afraid
For he is Christ
The Deliverer
The Healer
He sees our fight
He knows our plight

Whatever is wrong
He'll make it right

He's calling us
Each and everyone
To come forth 
And surrender
Our lives

Worry not
For Christ is already
On the job
He's fixing
What we thought
He's curing
What we thought
And He's renewing
What we thought

Our God is already 
On the job
And He's saying

Worry not my child
For everything will be

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Farewell Dr. Maya Angelou

Only you know why
The caged bird sings
You have been taken
From us
Now under the Lord's
You assured us
That nobody can make it
Out here alone
And life doesn't frighten you
Because you're solid as a stone
A phenomenal woman
God's very own
Always trying to be a rainbow
In someone's cloud
Your words were so profound
But on the pulse of morning
You have us mourning
Your passing time
You have made such a positive
Impact on mankind
It's really hard to fathom
We wish your day was not done
But it is
It is done
And we say thank you
For truly inspiring
Through your kind words
You were one of the world's
finest pearls
Dr. Maya Angelou
Indeed we are hurt
To say Farewell
You will forever be missed
Here on earth
As you were one of
The world's greatest gifts

   -Theresa Peters

Monday, 25 November 2013

A thought

It all happened
I was in class
With the mentality
To learn my geometry
The distractions came by
And I sat there hopelessly
Trying to figure out
How this whole thing
Fits me
For what I don't even
Want to be
But consciously
Thinking about
The reality
To quit something
I started
Isn't totally me
But to pursue something
That's one thing
I don't foresee
I either love it
Or set it free
What's life
Worth living
If you're not planting
What you want to reap?

     -Theresa Peters

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cold world

It's a cold world
Everyone killing each other
We all want to get to the top
No matter what
Like crabs we pull each other down
And it never stops
It never will
For it's a cold world
Friends aren't friends anymore
Is what's all around
Lies, deceit
It's like plagues that surround
Stripping away the morals to the ground
No love, just cold hearts and
Evil thoughts
When did the world become so cold?
Is there nothing left to hold?
It seems this generation has got nothing to bestow
But one day this will all be old
Gone and forgotten
Passed in the hands of time
Everything left behind
And we'll have to account for all that which was unkind.

                       - Theresa Peters


Is there a reason for my existence
Or am I just putting up a resistance?
They say that greatness lies within us
But what lies ahead of us?
That which cannot be seen
We envision the things we want to be
But life's unexpected events
Overthrow that sense
Or is it just me?
Giving up seems the easiest
No more pain, no more stress
It would all be less
But what if this is just a test
To see who's the best?
Overcome life's struggles
And make the best of our troubles.

- Theresa Peters

Life's journey

The never-ending stairs
We climb
Each day
A step taken
Seems further away
Moving up
Feels the same
We press on
With hope
That in the end
We will taste the victory
Feel the victory
That sweet victory
Of accomplishment

     -Theresa Peters