Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cold world

It's a cold world
Everyone killing each other
We all want to get to the top
No matter what
Like crabs we pull each other down
And it never stops
It never will
For it's a cold world
Friends aren't friends anymore
Is what's all around
Lies, deceit
It's like plagues that surround
Stripping away the morals to the ground
No love, just cold hearts and
Evil thoughts
When did the world become so cold?
Is there nothing left to hold?
It seems this generation has got nothing to bestow
But one day this will all be old
Gone and forgotten
Passed in the hands of time
Everything left behind
And we'll have to account for all that which was unkind.

                       - Theresa Peters


Is there a reason for my existence
Or am I just putting up a resistance?
They say that greatness lies within us
But what lies ahead of us?
That which cannot be seen
We envision the things we want to be
But life's unexpected events
Overthrow that sense
Or is it just me?
Giving up seems the easiest
No more pain, no more stress
It would all be less
But what if this is just a test
To see who's the best?
Overcome life's struggles
And make the best of our troubles.

- Theresa Peters

Life's journey

The never-ending stairs
We climb
Each day
A step taken
Seems further away
Moving up
Feels the same
We press on
With hope
That in the end
We will taste the victory
Feel the victory
That sweet victory
Of accomplishment

     -Theresa Peters