Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Farewell Dr. Maya Angelou

Only you know why
The caged bird sings
You have been taken
From us
Now under the Lord's
You assured us
That nobody can make it
Out here alone
And life doesn't frighten you
Because you're solid as a stone
A phenomenal woman
God's very own
Always trying to be a rainbow
In someone's cloud
Your words were so profound
But on the pulse of morning
You have us mourning
Your passing time
You have made such a positive
Impact on mankind
It's really hard to fathom
We wish your day was not done
But it is
It is done
And we say thank you
For truly inspiring
Through your kind words
You were one of the world's
finest pearls
Dr. Maya Angelou
Indeed we are hurt
To say Farewell
You will forever be missed
Here on earth
As you were one of
The world's greatest gifts

   -Theresa Peters

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