Tuesday, 29 July 2014

              Just call on me, He said              
Be not afraid my child
For I will be here
Just call and I will
Answer thee,
Seek and you shall

 Yet still we doubt Him
Time after time
Is there a reason
As to why
We are dishonest
In our doings?
We walk around

Deceptively telling
Yet still HE forgives us
Every time
He's not afraid to 
Call us Child

Why do we do these things
Boldly in His eyes?

We have no shame
We live sinful lives
Hoping that He 
Would just turn 
A blind eye
But He sees
He looks above
From the sky
Of our sinful lives

He's calling each
And everyone of us
To step away from
And into the light

Be ye not afraid
For he is Christ
The Deliverer
The Healer
He sees our fight
He knows our plight

Whatever is wrong
He'll make it right

He's calling us
Each and everyone
To come forth 
And surrender
Our lives

Worry not
For Christ is already
On the job
He's fixing
What we thought
He's curing
What we thought
And He's renewing
What we thought

Our God is already 
On the job
And He's saying

Worry not my child
For everything will be

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